DIY Wooden Crate Pet Bed

April 10, 2016 by  
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If you’ve ever been to Michaels, then you know about the small wooden crate. It sells for $17.99 and can be used for many DIY projects around your home.

This week, I found a new use for the wooden crate thanks to the creative people at The Inspired Hive. They created a pet bed that’s really easy to make and can be decorated to match your home decor. Enjoy!

Click here for instructions.

DIY Dog Food Station with Storage

April 10, 2016 by  
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Food storage can be a bit of a struggle when you have more than one dog in the house, or just one big dog. I looked around for a cool project that would help me with my storage issue and came across this very cool and pretty easy DIY project.

It keeps water and food dishes from being tossed around, and you can store a whole bag of dog food in it. It was built to fit a 10 gallon storage tub underneath the feeding bowls and the look is perfect for my home decor. Also, with larger dogs, they don’t have to bend over as much to feed and that’s plus when you have a larger dog like mine at home.

Click here to get the instructions

DIY Cat Puzzle Tutorial

April 3, 2016 by  
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Let’s face it, we’re busy! Sometimes too busy to spend precious time with our pets and we have to look for ways to keep them occupied while we’re away at work or running errands.

While I was browsing Pinterest (feel free to follow Berks Pet Care here), I found this cool diy project for our lovable furry feline friends. This cat puzzle will definitely keep them occupied for hours and it won’t hurt your pocketbook or wallet.

I was able to create one for a client of mine for only a few dollars, and that was only because I had to buy cat toys to put inside of the new diy puzzle. If you have cat toys already around the house, you can make this for as little as $2! Just make sure that if you have more than one cat in your home, you make one for each of your furry friends so they all can play at the same time. Enjoy!

Click here to get the instructions.